Citizen Launches 2011 ‘towards Health, Towards Environmental Protection’ Theme Activity

To welcome the 40th World Environment Day, Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. held the 2011 “Enjoy Green Energy” charity walk in Zhuhai, Sichuan, Sichuan activity. Citizen’s 2011 “Enjoy Green Energy” Charity Walking Activity Group Photo: Citizen’s “Enjoy Green Energy” Yoga Activity 2011
This year was designated by the United Nations as the International Year of Forests. Citizen’s move aims to respond to the theme of ‘Forest: Nature at Your Service’ on this World Environment Day, calling on the public to approach the forest through green walking and understand the value of forests to human survival and development And the significance of forest resources for environmental protection, together with Citizen ‘build ecological civilization and share a green future’!
In recent years, the frequent occurrence of natural disasters due to global climate anomalies has seriously affected people’s normal lives. As the largest terrestrial ecosystem on the planet, forests are huge and precious ‘green energy’ possessed by nature. They play a vital role in climate regulation and maintaining ecological balance. However, due to various artificial reasons such as deforestation, the forest area is disappearing from the earth at an alarming rate of about 20 million hectares per year. While over-exploiting the economic value of forests, society and the public lack sufficient understanding and attention to the ecological value of forest resources. It is imminent to enhance public awareness of sustainable development of forest resources. The original intention. Citizen hopes that this event will arouse the public’s enthusiasm for returning to nature, and then raise people’s awareness of forest protection.
In the early summer when the temperature was gradually rising, environmental volunteers and media friends and Citizen walked deep into the Shunan Bamboo Sea, one of the ten most beautiful forests in China, and returned to nature while enjoying the sun and passing through the bamboo leaves. The free coolness. Surrounded by the quiet and vast forest world, accompanied by the fragrance of flowers and grass and the leisurely insects, environmental volunteers who are away from the hustle and bustle of the city, led by professional yoga instructors, have opened up the relationship between self and nature in the form of ‘forest yoga’. communication. Through a series of mind, body, mind, breath, movement and meditation, each participant deeply felt the supply of green energy from nature.
Adhering to a high sense of social responsibility, Citizen has always been an environmental protection pioneer in the watch industry. As early as more than 20 years ago, Citizen has been committed to the research and development of its green energy, light kinetic energy, and finally successfully applied it in the field of watches. While continuously bringing light-powered watches that are ‘friendly to humans, friendly to the environment’ to consumers, Citizen is also actively engaged in environmental protection. Since 2007, the public welfare walking activity with the theme of ‘Going Healthy and Going Environmentally Friendly’ has entered its fifth year, and has gained wide public attention and good social feedback. Looking forward to the future, Citizen will continue to practice public welfare and make every effort to spread the concept of environmental protection to every citizen!

Black And White Art Tissot New Porcelain Art Series Eight Diamond Watch

The black and white keys of beautiful notes are played on the piano keyboard, elegant and modern interpretation of irreplaceable classic fashion. This is the interpretation of elegant taste for urban women. Tissot launches a new series of porcelain art watches, which combines two very interesting materials-ceramic and steel. This combination is not only surprising, it also perfectly matches the fashion trend, and also plays a classic and elegant modern urban movement.

Glamour ceramic art for women
 The Tissot ceramic watch porcelain series has many styles. In addition to the stylish square and classic round dial options, there are also ordinary styles and dials with eight diamonds. The dial of the eight-diamond watch uses the top Wesselton diamonds to dot the black and white dial, which flashes like a starry sky; or the simple dial, which is as atmospheric and elegant as ever. High-quality ceramics combined with exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology, while demonstrating the charming design of the watch, it also guarantees the watch’s excellent quality. Ceramic not only has the characteristics of art, fashionable shapes, and modern styles, but also has the characteristics of non-allergic, difficult to conduct heat, and light weight, so it is considerate to women in all respects. Its resilience and softness are like the strength and softness of women, making art ceramics the perfect material for women’s watches.
Pure black and white classic timeless
The classic timeless pure black and white is interpreted between the simple and elegant streamline design; the bracelet-type ceramic streamline design strap is like a piano keyboard. The bezel also uses abrasion-resistant high-quality ceramic material, which is more elegant and flexible. The classic black dial is like the black keys of a piano. The pure white dial is like the white keys of a piano. The elegant low-key gorgeousness and the modern modern atmosphere perfectly blend together. It is an indispensable and wonderful choice for you. The new Tissot porcelain series of eight diamond watches, playing classic fashion at the same time.
Technical Parameters:
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz Movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Black / White Dial, Top Wesselton Diamonds
-Water-resistant to 30 meters (3 atmospheres)
-316 L stainless steel bracelet with black and white ceramic inlay, with button butterfly clasp