Star-studded Brief Comment On Tudor Classic Series Calendar 28mm Watch

The Tudor Classic series calendar watch is loved by the public for its exquisite and simple style, elegant and modern atmosphere without losing its atmosphere. The champagne-colored dial of this 28mm ladies ‘mechanical watch has a mosaic-style surface design, which is particularly fashionable and striking in the classic-style Tudor classic series watch, with a gold case perfect interpretation of the series’ simplicity and elegance Essence. The self-winding mechanical movement, the 3-point calendar display, and the 100-meter water resistance make the watch both practical and elegant in its elegant atmosphere. The following watch home introduces this Tudor classic series calendar 28 mm watch in detail, the official model: 22013-62543.

This watch not only adheres to the rugged and durable quality that Tudor has always had, but also has a beautiful appearance. The pleasing design is full of attractive charm.

The case diameter of this watch is 28 mm. The case is made of gold and stainless steel. The delicate case shape still penetrates Tudor’s rugged and durable product concept, giving a solid and reliable impression.

Tudor’s classic series unique gold triangle pit pattern outer ring, a bit elegant in the simplicity, using frosted and satin-finished two surface treatment processes polished, precious metal material shine.

This watch is equipped with a simple gold crown. The classic triangular pit design on the crown is easy to rotate. The top of the crown is printed with the Tudor shield logo, which shows its brand identity.

The strap is a gold design. Different materials or different surface treatments are used between each row of links. It has a rich visual hierarchy and exudes a simple and elegant temperament.

The contours of the sides of the case are round and smooth, polished with satin, revealing a bit of elegant classic style, moderate thickness and natural curvature to ensure its excellent comfort on the wrist.

This watch uses an easy-to-wear stainless steel folding watch stack. The shield-shaped logo on the buckle is just like Tudor’s solid and reliable brand quality, which highlights the brand identity of this watch.

The lugs are rounded and integrated with the case. The soft middle band is rigid. The satin-finished surface treatment is not only full of classic charm, but also cleverly echoes the surface treatment of the strap part.

The champagne-colored dial with a mosaic-style surface design is particularly fashionable and eye-catching in the classic Tudor classic series watches. It is set against a woman’s slender wrist and looks luxurious and elegant.

The sheet-shaped bar pointer is simple and beautiful, but also reveals a unique elegant charm. The center of the pointer is filled with fluorescent materials to facilitate reading at night.

Except for the 3 o’clock position and the 12 o’clock position, the time scales of other positions adopt a mosaic bar time scale, and each time scale is filled with fluorescent materials to facilitate time reading in a dark environment.

The 3 o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a calendar display window. The concise white background and black text design are easy to read. The perimeter of the window is also polished with a fine slope, highlighting the brand’s delicate watchmaking process.

At 12 o’clock on the dial, a gold-inlaid Tudor Shield logo is used as the 12 o’clock position of this watch, highlighting its noble brand blood.

This watch has a dense bottom design and is water-resistant to 100 meters. A simple 2671 self-winding mechanical movement is mounted under the simple back cover. The movement frequency is 28,880 times / hour, which can provide about 38 hours of power. reserve.

Summary: From cutting-edge technology to fashion style, Tudor not only upholds the traditional watchmaking technology of more than a century, but also creates a watch with only life and soul with unique handmade skills, showing elegance. The combination of the champagne mosaic surface design and the gold triangular pitted bezel is a perfect match, supplemented by a finely polished inter-gold strap, which shows the modern and modern atmosphere in classic beauty. This watch allows you to enjoy the surprise on your wrist of the combination of Tudor’s modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Athens New Freak Diavolo Tourbillon Watch

Introduction: No matter in technology, materials and design, Ulysse Nardin shows unparalleled progress, setting countless first records in the watch industry, showing that the results are encouraging.

Ulysse Nardin, Athens
The legend of Ulysse Nardin (Athens) represents the development of the FREAK tourbillon & mdash; & mdash; revolutionizes the game rules of high-end watches ─ The FREAK Diavolo tourbillon follows the footsteps of its predecessors. Comparable progress. Ulysse Nardin set countless first records in the watch industry, showing that the results are encouraging.
全新 The new FREAK Diavolo tourbillon, based on the FREAK tourbillon launched in 2001, is a testament to Ulysse Nardin’s creativity.
Because the FREAK Carrousel tourbillon design is extremely novel, simple and different from the general tradition, there is no hour hand, minute hand, dial and crown, and it was the first revolutionary wristwatch made of silicon as the escapement. Change the development route of the high-end watch industry. Now, like her brothers and sisters FREAK DIAMonSIL, FREAK Diamond HEART and FREAK Blue Phantom, FREAK Diavolo praises the original spirit of FREAK through the wider use of silicon and bringing its tourbillon to a new peak.

18K White Gold Case / Tourbillon One revolution per minute / Operating trajectory One revolution per hour / Power reserve for more than 8 days / Glide spring / Vibration frequency 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz) / Ulysse Nardin Unique design Silicon spring / Escape The device uses a right-angle pallet fork / silicon / no oil.
FREAK Diavolo Tourbillon is named after the devil-like appearance and power reserve. It is one of the smartest watch works against the background of ‘red tentacles’ and black cloak. The most obvious example is the use of silicon as a hairspring (Si 1.1.1. Patent pending); in addition, the most fragile heart of the watch, the escapement, is mostly made of silicon. Ulysse Nardin introduced silicon in the original FREAK tourbillon to change the entire watchmaking industry. At the same time, Ulysse Nardin optimized the application of this advanced technology material on the FREAK Diavolo tourbillon, using cutting-edge technology such as photolithography to further Improve watch performance. Furthermore, the FREAK Diavolo tourbillon showcases another development of the FREAK family: a flying tourbillon with a seconds display, and two new ball bearing systems and the concept and design of a balance wheel.
The Carrousel Tourbillon is all researched and developed by Ulysse Nardin Watch Factory. It rotates around the center once every 60 minutes. The frequency of FREAK Diavolo Tourbillon is 4Hz (28,800 times per hour) and the balance inertia of 8mg * cm2 makes this watch more unique Because no other tourbillon is controlled by such a powerful oscillator, and such a long power reserve (up to 8 days) is obtained, this allows the FREAK Diavolo Carrousel tourbillon to be as accurate as a mechanical chronometer watch. Its outstanding performance is the result of the perfect use of new technologies such as optical lithography, and the use of the finest and newly developed materials such as silicon and LIGA (deep electroforming technology) nickel in the core.
非 Ulysse Nardin’s extraordinary watchmaking technology is further confirmed by the second indicator of the FREAK Diavolo tourbillon. Unlike other FREAK family members, the flying tourbillon replaces the commonly used oscillator. Outside the flying tourbillon cage, an arrow second indicator and a transparent semi-circular scale are installed. The second indicator rotates every minute, and the position zero is fixed on the minute indicator axis. In addition, two specially conceived ball bearing devices allow the minute movement and the seconds indicator tourbillon to perform ‘flying’ performance without the need for bridge support.

Tough And Stylish Tasting Bulgari Octo Series Small Seconds Diamond Watch

The luxurious and magnificent Italian watch brand Bulgari uses the essence of ancient Greek and Roman culture to create bold, unique and noble classic Bulgari watches. Bvlgari watches have many series with different styles and designs. Today’s Watch House brings you a simple, tough, refined and stylish Bvlgari OCTO series watch, the official model of the watch: 102373 BGO40PDLXT.

Bvlgari octo series platinum diamond watch
   This watch is made of noble 950 platinum to create an angular case, which is very tough and the bezel is set with diamonds, which is bright and fashionable. Inside the case is a manual mechanical movement. The black dial has a simple design and is equipped with a smart and delicate small dial. The watch comes with a tough, elegant black alligator strap. The watch is simple and elegant, which is very suitable for men’s elegance.

Round crown is exquisite and stylish, easy to hold
   The crown placed on the side of the watch is also made of platinum and decorated with black ceramic. The side of the crown is decorated with a stripe pattern, which is easy to grasp without losing its toughness, which is in line with the overall design of the watch.

Alligator leather strap is soft and tough for comfortable wearing
   The black crocodile leather strap with the watch is well-cut and the natural texture is elegant and beautiful. The leather strap is soft and tough, making it very comfortable to wear. A buckle and two leather stops are attached to the strap.

The case is finely polished, tough and elegant
   The platinum case is 40 mm in diameter and 5.75 mm thick. The geometrically shaped case is tough and elegant, the surface is carefully polished, the edges and corners are round, and the cut surface is smooth. The bezel is inlaid with a row of brilliant diamonds, which makes the case more layered.

Black dial is deep and elegant with clear display
   Although the watch bezel is circular, the internal dial is polygonal. The black dial has a simple and elegant design, using silver hour markers and hands, and Arabic numerals at the six o’clock and twelve o’clock positions; at the lower left of the dial, that is, seven and eight o’clock, there are small seconds Small seconds dial with silver hands and white bar scale.

Small and delicate lugs with unique design
   The lugs and case are cast in one piece, with unique shapes and tough styles, which match the case harmoniously. The lugs are polished carefully, and the face is smooth, with rounded edges and corners, reflecting the noble metal brilliance.

Pin buckle is polished and easy to wear
   A pin buckle is placed on the strap of the watch. The pin buckle not only echoes the tough case, but also is polished and rounded. The buckle is engraved with the Bulgari brand name. The buckle is easy to open and close, and it is not easy to open it by itself when wearing, so that the watch falls off.

The delicate manual mechanical movement inside the case can be seen through the transparent mirror
   The watch uses a transparent back so that the manual mechanical movement inside the case can be seen through the transparent mirror. It can be seen that the movement parts are finely polished, and the Geneva texture engraved on the plywood is very delicate. There is also a power reserve display function on the back of the movement, which can wind the movement in time through the display, while providing a full power reserve of 65 hours.

 Summary: The design of this watch is simple, tough and elegant, yet at the same time stylish, the watch’s small seconds dial design gives the watch a smart atmosphere. The watch is equipped with an ultra-thin movement, which is stable and excellent in performance, and the clear time display can greatly facilitate life. This wrist watch not only adds personal charm to the wearer, but also reflects elegant personal taste.