The Real Elegant Wind Cartier’s 2016 Sihh New Series Drive De Cartier Is On The Market

Not long ago, Cartier’s new series of Drive De Cartier launched by SIHH in 2016 was fully listed. Recently, at the Cartier counter in Guanya Watch City, Wangfujing Macau Center, Beijing, I learned that the new series of watches are currently basic models. The arrival is relatively complete, and the price is more competitive among brands of the same level. The most basic style sells for 45,500 yuan.

Cartier Drive De Cartier

Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER Collection WSNM0004

    In recent years, Cartier has made great achievements in the field of fine watchmaking, and it has been more effective. New series of new concepts have been added, even to a frequency of one year. Cartier’s 2016 new SIHH series Drive De Cartier quickly became popular with a pillow case. Although the pillow case is not unique to Cartier and not only this year, it has existed for decades, but Drive De Cartier is not completely Created according to the traditional pillow case, the redesigned case has a more modern and elegant appearance and is full of charm. The watch is equipped with a self-produced movement, while the thin case reflects the watch’s excellent watchmaking skills.
Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER series W7100018 watch

    In addition to those red, purple, blue balloons, tanks and other series, the low-key but not simple CALIBRE DE CARTIER obviously does not focus on many people. This series is very balanced in design and has both casual and business style. The overall style of the watch is not flamboyant, and it ranges from basic models to complex models. This Cartier watch is an all-precious metal model, with basic calendar functions in function, and built-in 1904-PS MC automatic movement based on the brand’s homemade 1904MC movement. From a certain point of view, the value of this watch is more in the appearance materials, the all-metal appearance including the bracelet, it is indeed imposing.
Cartier Santos W2020057 watch

    In Cartier’s world, there is a new type of watch for the watchmaking industry, and that is hollow. Most skeletonized watches are skeletonized on the basis of the original core, so as to obtain a skeletonized movement that is not aesthetically pleasing. Cartier has re-arranged and designed the movement because of the skeletonization to ensure the skeletonized Special beauty. In addition, because of this original intention, Cartier has the iconic elements of the time scale and the movement splint as a whole. This Santos series watch is a good example. It has a built-in skeleton movement 9908MC.

Summary: It is understood that at present, the new Drive De Cartier counters of the Cartier counters in the Grand Watch City of Beijing and Macao Center have only the basic functional styles on display at the counter, in addition to the black plate and the precious metal style. Interested friends can enter the store for more information.
More details:

[Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that the user of ‘watch home’ will enjoy more discounts
[Dealer name]: Guanya Watch City (Beijing Wangfujing Macau Center)
[Dealer Address]: 1 / F, Macau Center, No. 8 Wangfujing East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-58138296

Athletics Flying Man Wyed Fanny Keck Becomes Richard Mille’s New Brand Friend

As we all know, this summer, a young sprinter wearing Richard Mille’s Richard Mille watch won the championship in the 400 meters. Richard Mill is proud to announce that the South African sprinter Wayde van Niekerk has officially become a member of our RM family. There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest athletes of this era.

    Wade Vannecke’s performance in 2016 was perfect. At the beginning of the year, it was also the first time in five years that he participated in the 100 meters race at the Free State Championships in Bloemfontein, South Africa. With firm confidence, he completed the race in 9 seconds and 98, becoming a 100 meter in history. Second person, 200 meters into 20 seconds, 400 meters faster than 44 seconds first person.

    In June, Fanny Keck continued to be invincible, running the world’s third-best 300 meters, setting a new record for the African continent. At the same time, he also won the 4x100m relay championship with his teammates in 38 seconds 84. August 14th, 2016 is the most exciting battle of this year. He completed the 400 meters in 43.03 seconds and broke the world created by Michael Johnson in 1999 with an advantage of 0.15 seconds. Record.

    Born in Cape Town, Fanny Keck is an all-around sprinter who constantly advances and surpasses himself through the improvement of competitions and project diversity. The reason why he chose the Richard Mill RM 27-02 watch is that it is comfortable to wear, mature in technology and unique in line design.

    Fannykek chose a high jump at the beginning of his career, which is also his family tradition. It wasn’t until junior high school that Fanny Keck really found his sprint talent in rugby. In October 2012, Fanny Keck, who was studying at the University of Bloemfontein, signed with Anna Sophia Botta’s training team. Today, she is still the coach of Fanny Keck.

    When Fanny Keck trained hard for 100-meter and 200-meter sprints in order to break through, he listened to Anna Sophia’s suggestion and focused on the 400-meter race to avoid the negative impact of the sprint on the body. In 2013, this strategy finally allowed Fannick to gain something. His 400-meter result is very close to the world record of 43 seconds 18. In 2014, Fanny Keck still has a rapid momentum. He won two silver medals at the African Championships in Marrakesh and the IAAF Diamond League New York, and won 4×100 meters in the African Championships with his teammates. In 2015, Fanny Keck remained undefeated in the 200-meter and 400-meter events and finally crowned the world champion.

    Today, only 24 years old, Fanny Keck is quickly becoming an influential sprinter. Accompanied and witnessed by Richard Mille Watch, the South African track and field star’s journey to make history has just begun.

RICHARD MILLE RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon Movement Technical Specifications

Limited edition of 50 pieces
RM27-02 Movement: Manually wound tourbillon movement with hours and minutes
Dimensions: 47.77 mm x 39.70 mm x 12.25 mm
Movement weight: 3.35 g

Main features

    Power reserve approx. 70 hours (± 10%)

Integrated NTPT® (thin layer composite technology) carbon fiber base plate

    The base plate of the RM 27-02 is machined from NTPT® (thin layer composite technology) carbon fiber material. It consists of multiple layers of parallel filaments, which are separated from carbon fibers. These thin layers up to 30 microns are first dipped in a resin, and then weaved by special machines,
    There is a 45 ° angle stagger between the layers. After heating to 120 ° at a pressure of 6 bar, it can be sent to Richard Mille’s case factory in Proart for processing. NTPT® carbon fiber is known for its excellent fracture stress and resistance to micro-cracks.
    The bottom plate of the RM 27-02 movement is integrated with the case. This is the first time that Richard Mille has completely eliminated the middle of the main case. The bezel and the bottom cover are directly mounted on the bottom plate. Can ensure maximum rigidity and impact resistance.
    The hollowed-out NTPT® (thin-layer composite technology) carbon fiber upper floor is a great technological leap forward. As the main part of the RM 27-02 movement, the base plate must be thoroughly tested under extreme conditions to optimize its mechanical properties.

Grade 5 titanium alloy bridge

    This biocompatible, super corrosion-resistant, exceptionally strong and hard alloy makes the gear train run more perfectly. This alloy consists of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium. This combination strengthens the mechanical properties. This also explains its frequent use in aerospace, aviation, and automotive manufacturing.
    The RM27-02 movement bridge plate is the same as the bottom plate and has also undergone intensive and rigorous complete tests to optimize their resistance to endurance.

Variable inertia balance wheel

    A variable inertia balance with a hairspring end curve (originally used for pocket watch design) can effectively improve the reliability of the watch when subjected to vibration, movement assembly, and disassembly. And ensure more accurate travel time over time.

Quickly rotate the barrel (6 hours instead of 7.5 hours)

These barrels have the following advantages:
-Greatly reduces the mainspring adhesion and enhances performance.
-Provides ideal power reserve, performance and stability ratio, forming a perfect mainspring delta curve.

Progressive rebound function barrel pawl

    This device can save considerable energy (approximately 20%) during the winding, especially at the beginning of the winding. It also promotes an even distribution of the internal tension of the mainspring.

Spring barrel gear and central wheel adopt involute tooth profile

   The central involute tooth profile can provide the best 20 ° angle pressure, which helps to improve the gear transmission efficiency, and can offset the meshing deviation of the gear, thereby ensuring good torque transmission and significantly improving its performance.

Clockwork box cover is secured with eccentric screws

    Ensure that the spring barrel lid remains stable under strong stress.

Bridge plate grade five titanium alloy spline screw
    These screws allow for more precise control of the tightening torque. It will not be damaged during assembly and disassembly, so it is durable.