A Football Star Who Can’t Bring Children Is Not A Good Boss – Beckham

At the end of January, David Beckham announced the official formation of a Miami team. According to plan, this team will participate in the Major League Soccer (MLS) tournament in 2020. . This is Beckham’s five-year retirement and return to football. After the news was released, a lot of doubts appeared as to whether Beckham could be a good team owner. After all, for Beckham, everyone only saw his handsome face and impeccable figure, but his true football contribution and ability were Was ignored.

David Beckham announces becoming a Miami team owner

Conference site

 Beckham in his youth
 Beckham is 43 years old this year, but in his body, he can’t find the ‘greasy’ characteristic of middle-aged uncle. He does n’t need to worry about the “back hairline” problem that British men generally have headaches. Even if they have wrinkles on their faces, they still ca n’t stop his glamour. Maradona once said, ‘He is too beautiful (should be handsome), he should not play football.’ Yes, Beckham used to be the source of motivation for most women to start watching football games. He’s really handsome, young when he was young, and mature when he was middle-aged.

 Beckham officially became a professional footballer in 1993. In 1996, Beckham, who was only 21 at the time, represented the national team for the first time in the World Cup qualifiers. In his football career, he did not score the most goals, nor was he the player who won the most trophies for his team or club, but he passed the ball accurately and his free kick has a unique style. On the court, in addition to teammates, having a style that is remembered by the audience is also a player’s success. (Of course, the girl remembers his face)


 Outside the stadium, the emotional life with Victoria is also the focus of attention of the audience. After the two married in 1999, the birth of the three sons and the princess Qi was enviable. It will be 20 years since the two got married next year, but from the street shots of the foreign media and the interaction on the two ins, it is not difficult to see that even Beckham and Victoria, who are already ‘old wives and wives’, still love each other.

Classic photo of eldest son Brooklyn and dad on the field

Cute angel ‘Little Seven’

 Brooklyn’s eldest son, who has just turned 19 this year, and his girlfriend, Kolo, have also attracted much attention. Everyone joked that Beckham was going to be a grandfather.

 As the most commercial value football star, Beckham’s “good skin” also brought him a lot of business invitations. After his retirement, in addition to participating in charity, he appeared more in front of everyone or in some brand events, magazines Cover, advertising.

 In 2017, Beckham became the global spokesperson for Tudor. Before that, he also spoke briefly for Breitling. We know that Behr loves Rolex, so as the Rolex family Tudor, it is also one of Beckham’s favorite watches.

Beckham’s watch for children on the ins is also Tudor

Can you see which Tudor you gave?
 Someone has to say here, is n’t it right to become a spokesperson to wear a branded watch, but whether it is from Beckham’s event photos, private daily photos, or even photos posted on personal social networking sites, Beckham is real I like Tudor, especially the Tudor leading submersible series.

 At the press conference announcing his becoming the team owner, he wore a Tudor-leading submersible LHD watch. This is the masterpiece of professional function watch introduced by Tudor. It has a water resistance of 500 meters and is equipped with a self-developed movement of the Tudor brand. This watch is also special in that it is a ‘left-handed’ watch.

 The new submersible model is called ‘LHD’ (short for ‘Left Hand Drive’), and the adjustment shaft is on the left side of the middle case, so it can be worn on the right wrist. It is inspired by the brand’s long history of making diving watches and is designed for left-handed professional divers. The French Navy in the 1970s commissioned the brand to design such watches for left-handed divers. What’s so special about this is that the red calendar date display window is also one of the reasons that attracted me.

In summary: Beckham, a football star who does not bring children, is not a good boss, showing us what a perfect score man should look like.