Baoer Joins Hands With The Marine Conservation Foundation To Dock In Barcelona, ​​spain

September 19, 2019, Barcelona-Breguet and Spanish retailer Rabat celebrate the partnership between the brand and the RaceforWater in the center of Barcelona, ​​and Introducing the new Marine Sailing Timepiece.

Breguet and Spanish retailer Rabat celebrate partnership between the brand and the Marine Conservation Foundation

  Since 2018, Breguet has consistently supported this foundation, which aims to protect the ocean from plastic waste, and this seaside city provides the ideal environment to showcase what the foundation is doing. The ‘RaceforWaterOdyssey’ is a revolutionary ship driven by a combination of clean energy such as solar, hydrogen and wind energy. The team took it to start the journey around the world. Team member Camille Rollin attended the event on behalf of the Marine Conservation Foundation and shared the challenges and goals facing this five-year adventure.

‘Marine Guardian’ model on display at the event

  With the advent of Breguet’s third generation Marine Sailing Series, the brand began to work closely with the Marine Conservation Foundation to pay tribute to the deep relationship between the brand and the marine world. The event was held in a historic building on PaseodeGracia. The event underlined Breguet’s long-standing heritage in the maritime sector since 1815. At that time, King Louis XVIII of France appointed Mr. Breguet as the ‘Royal Navy Royal Watchmaker’. The new Marine men’s and women’s watches reinterpret classic design elements in a contemporary style, paying tribute to the brand’s historical heritage.

Breguet Marine 5547 Music Alarm Clock

  Today, Camille Rowling appears at this stop of the Ocean Guardian as a project manager for ‘converting plastic waste into energy.’ She met with key local people, surveyed local conditions, and worked on land-based solutions to address this complex issue. ‘Guests are very eager to understand the current situation of plastic waste pollution and its harm to our daily lives, and they want to know what actions they should take to protect the ocean and protect themselves,’ Camille said. The strong support of the Marine Protection Foundation demonstrates the importance that the brand attaches to marine protection.

Kamil Rowling, a member of the Ocean Guard, attended the event on behalf of the Ocean Conservation Foundation