Feeling The Power Of Asia At This Moment Jakarta Asian Games Grand Opening Tissot Opens A New Timed Journey

[Jakarta, August 18, 2018] At 7:00 pm local time, the 18th Asian Games kicked off at the Pungano Stadium in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, officially opening the biennial A sports event witnessing Asian energy. Local ethnic dances displayed at the opening ceremony, as well as the president’s unique approach to admission, became a unique business card, which impressed sports enthusiasts from all over the world. 2018 is also the twentieth anniversary of Tissot as the official timer partner of the Asian Games. To this end, Tissot held a press conference the next day at the opening ceremony of the Asian Games in Jakarta, showing the world the full timing preparations of Tissot. , And introduced four special watches for the Asian Games. Tissot watches escorted the Asian Games with a professional timing team and models full of sports charm.

Tissot watches officially designated timer partner for the Asian Games in Jakarta

Tissot watches officially designated timer partner for the Asian Games in Jakarta
  At this moment the flame of fire ignites the passion of the sport
  At 7 pm on August 18, 2018, the Pengano Stadium in Jakarta was full of lights and thunderous applause. As the main venue of the Asian Games, the Pogano Stadium is completely renovated. The main stage in the center of the venue is 120 meters long, 30 meters wide, and 26 meters high. It is set on the backdrop of rolling mountains representing the characteristic landscape of Jakarta. The rain forest is dotted, showing Indonesia’s unique style as a tropical country in Southeast Asia.
  When the opening ceremony began, Indonesian President Joko put on a helmet and stepped on a motorcycle to speed down the street. Behind him was a neat team of motorcycles. Later, President Joko drove slowly into the stadium and appeared in the center of the stage, which attracted cheers and applause on the scene. The audience was surprised by the leader’s way of entering the venue, and even more host. Admired for the humor and tolerance shown. The opening ceremony’s cultural performances began with ethnic dances featuring Indonesian characteristics. This is a hand dance performed by 1,500 Indonesian women. Relying on a variety of movements and clothing changes, athletes from 45 countries are welcome to enter the stadium in turn.
  After Indonesian President Joko announced the ‘Official Opening of the Eighteenth Asian Games’, the flames of the Asian Games reached 54 Pogano Stadium after passing through 18,000 kilometers in 54 cities, and won the first place in Indonesia in 1992. Wang Lianxiang, a badminton Olympic champion, completed the pass. With the torch in her hand, she lit the main torch that resembled a crater. With the magnificent scenery of a magma eruption, amid the roar of fireworks, the eighteenth Jakarta Asian Games officially opened. In Jakarta and Palembang, two attractive cities, sports athletes will show off the cool and beautiful posture on the playing field, which will ignite the spark that belongs to sports this summer.
  Innovative timepieces at this moment
  The belief of ‘innovation originates from tradition’ runs through Tissot’s 20-year history of cooperation with the Asian Games, and it is also the brand spirit of Tissot for 100 years. Since the Bangkok Asian Games in 1998, Tissot has officially become the official designated timer partner of the Asian Games. As the time recorder behind the scenes, Tissot has witnessed based on its rich sports timing history, excellent timing technology and experience. Time after time, one after another Asian sports legend. At the same time, Tissot constantly explores and develops new timing technology in cooperation with sports events, and promotes and advances with the Asian Games.

Tissot Chronometer at the Asian Games in Jakarta
  Tissot is extremely proud and honored to be able to maintain such close cooperation with the Asian Games. To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Tissot becoming the official timing partner of the Asian Games, the day after the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, Tissot held a press conference in the Asian Games Village in Jakarta. Mr. François Thiébaud, global president of Tissot Watch, officially announced that Tissot Watch is the official designated timer partner of the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta. Tondoway presented Tissot Tengzhi series Jakarta Asian Games special watch. Nicolas Clerc, Vice President of Tissot Global Products, showcases four new Tissot Asian Games special models, while Alain Zobrist, Tissot’s chief timing executive, tells how great What kind of technical challenges will be faced by serving as the official timer for sports events.

Tissot watch held a press conference to commemorate the 20th anniversary of becoming the official designated timer partner of the Asian Games
  Today, the Asian Games has become the world’s third-largest comprehensive sports event, with 40 events and more than 460 events. Tissot has also innovated timing technology to create a set of modern and efficient timing scores. The system plays multiple tasks such as timing and scoring, data processing, and result transmission, and provides timing and scoring for 25 events at the same time on the Asian Games. In the passionate arena of Jakarta Palembang, Tissot is happy to show the precise promise of Swiss timepieces through these race-by-minute, thrilling moments of victory, and share the brand’s gene’s breakthrough spirit and challenge the self-movement spirit with hundreds of millions of viewers in Asia. .

Mr. François Thiébaud, Tissot Global President, presents Tissot watches to Indonesian athletes