Tei Duo Rose Series Women’s Watch Beijing Spot Real Shooting Quotes

Tudor watches have always brought a noble temperament. From its exquisite appearance design and superb workmanship, we can all see the charm of Tudor watches. Then the Tudor women’s watch rose series also used its special temperament to interpret the elegance of the Tudor, and the rose logo was subtly integrated into each watch. Recently, the House of Watches visited the TUDOR counter in Xidan Shopping Center in Beijing, bringing the latest market and real-life pictures of a TUDOR rose series female watch.

Tudor Clair de Rose 35701

In-store public price: 28000 (collection time July 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch series: Claor de Rose
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel, polished case, 18ct pink gold polished outer ring
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 34 mm
Watch details: 010-66011216

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[Note]: The pictures in the article are real pictures taken by the editor at the ‘front line of the market’. Because the stock of the watch is not much, it is not guaranteed that the watch will be in stock after you pass, so if necessary, please advance Contact your dealer.

Countless Treasures, The Emperor Loves Him Most

On a full moon night, the clouds are light and the wind is light. In the white moonlight, a few carriages are scattered, and a group of bats are passing over the treetops. Of course not. It was in Birmingham, England, in 1765. The members of the ‘Moonlight Club’ ended the party in the moonlight and returned home with bats. Next … Due to various achievements, these people have become the ‘blessed’ people generally regarded as doctors and poets Darwin (the author of evolution, Darwin, who changed the knowledge of all human beings and became the founder of modern science) Wedgewood, the father of British ceramics, and Watt, the inventor of the steam engine, were considered to have ignited the Industrial Revolution and made Britain the master of the world’s richest and most powerful country at the time. The scene at that time coincided with the picture of ‘Blessing from Heaven’. No matter in the East or the West, especially in China, Fulu Shouxicai is more metaphysical, and its connotation can be deep or shallow. For example: the gospel, ford, blessing, Fukuda … these are all beginning with the word blessing Even for our ‘Fu Lu Hip Hop’, Blessing is also ranked first, which shows that ‘Blessing’ is definitely the ultimate wish pursued by the Chinese. But in real life, there are not many people who can see the sky bat (Sky Fall Hongfu), so, luck is not easily accessible to everyone. There are only a handful of watches that can carry blessings. Let’s first listen to a real story that happened around us. When the teacher Ding Zhixiang first produced the first table in Panerai, I published an article about it. A cousin had a desire to buy after reading the article. He just hesitated for a while and waited for him to make a decision. Determined to go to the watch store to buy, they were told that they were out of stock. And after I wrote the article myself, I felt I had to buy a lucky watch, but I happened to be busy with business affairs. When I made an appointment with Mr. Ding and a watchmaker, I went to a Panerai store to buy a watch. Unexpectedly, hope was lost, and all the watches were sold out. You see, at least four people have n’t bought a good watch at this time. It can be seen that the first good watch was really hard to find! But why is it so hard to find? And why are more and more people starting to collect special models of watches, where is the specific value of collection? In the late Qing Dynasty, the application of timepieces during horse racing. Teacher Zhou Kaixuan would like to talk about the value of timepieces. From the perspective of Chinese history (the recently popular Qing Dynasty drama), two big ‘collectors’ who loved timepieces wanted It belongs to Qianlong and Fu Heng. In fact, almost all the emperors of the Qing Dynasty were enthusiasts and collectors of watches. Among them, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, and Jiaqing were especially fond of watches, and even wrote poems for watches. Teacher Ding Zhifang, who has always been profound in history, continued to congratulate: Among these emperors, the young Emperor Kangxi even used the European calendar of the missionary Nan Huairen and others to prove that China used by Yang Guangxian and other Qin Tianjian officials The traditional calendar is not accurate enough, which has brought down the worship of officials who do not like the Western calendar. It is both a weapon and a useful tool, so it is particularly favored for Western astronomical instruments such as clocks and watches. In the imperial palace of the Qing dynasty, a large number of clocks from Europe or Chinese-style decoration and imitation of Chinese craftsmen accumulated. The biggest function besides looking at time seems to be decoration-according to the archives of the Qing Palace, one or two clocks are placed in a room. There are many examples. Among them, Ningshou Palace Dongnuan Pavilion even has up to 16 clocks. Teacher Zhou Kaixuan has more clocks in the Emperor’s Palace, and there are more and more opportunities to flow into the homes of senior officials through various channels. Fu Heng, who is the emperor’s younger brother, is particularly famous for his ‘servants are all on their watch.’ . It may be due to the shortage of talents for repairing and maintaining clocks in the early Qing Dynasty, and the time displayed by clocks is often not standard. At that time, there was a joke. Whenever the time was early, people who were late must have clocks. Those who did not have clocks would not be late. Fu Heng had suffered a similar embarrassment. The emperor Qianlong waited for a long time. a few days. (It seems that the focus of Mr. Zhou’s attention is on Master Fu Heng.) In addition to the fact that Mr. Zhou is particularly concerned about Fu Heng in the text, we can also see from the paintings of court life in the Qing Dynasty that ministers generally hung their watches around their waists. In addition, they like to wear them in pairs, and they also like colored enamel and pearl decoration. Due to these special needs for orders from the Qing Empire, not only the quantity but also the high-end expensive products, such products have been nicknamed the ‘China market table’. In the late Qing Dynasty, the scene of Pu Yi holding a pillar to play a pocket watch happened to have foreign media reporters take a photo. Teacher Ding Zhixiang’s timepieces were introduced from the Ming Dynasty and rose in the Qing Dynasty. They did not decline until the beginning of the Republic of China due to the war, but collection has always been a Chinese tradition. Besides, back to Panerai, the traditional mainstream markets have always been in Italy, Europe, and the United States, so Chinese buyers can only be amazed. Fortunately, in recent years, due to its focus on the Chinese market, Panerai has also started to issue limited edition models for China. Panerai’s Chinese Year of the Ox special edition watch Mr. Zhou Kaixuan, if I remember correctly, first of all, during the 2009 Chinese New Year, Panerai launched 12 PAM 837 Luminor Sealand Chinese Year of the Ox Special Edition watches Then, in the Year of the Tiger, 25 pieces of PAM 838 Luminor Sealand Chinese Year of the Tiger special edition watch were engraved with tiger cover. In 2010, it was the fifth year that Panerai entered China. The PAM 366 Luminor Marina was listed in this background. Below the inscription of the Panerai brand, there is a Chinese character ‘fu’, which became the finishing touch of this series Pen. Therefore, this first generation of good watch was in short supply as soon as it was launched. The slow hands mentioned in the previous story are the best examples. Teacher Ding Zhixiang’s special watch brand launched by Panerai this time adopts the most typical Italian design of the Luminor 1950 series. It is equipped with the most stable self-produced 3-day power bracelet movement. Strive for perfection. In particular, the elements of Chinese culture are engraved on the back: the most well-known “blessing” in China. At a glance, Westerners may feel that it is like a neon tube crisscrossing with a festive atmosphere. Mr. Ding Zhifang, a teacher who knows Chinese characters in the Chinese style pavilions and pavilions, believes that the Chinese characters have the most experience in China. They may think of the Chinese style pavilions in the Suzhou garden. It’s raining, watching the clouds and the moon, and blessed people sit and watch the four seasons of reincarnation, and laugh about the ancient and modern encounters. In order to retain this blessing, the watch’s lugs are also stitched with red silk at the four corners, which makes people marvel at the Chinese taste in the details. Is it very touching? Then be sure to note that there are only 188 scarce quantities, coupled with a heart-beating price of RMB 54,800, and only need to move your finger through the official online flagship store to win the top spot. Editor: Lily | Visual and drawing: wuren369 Picture: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Business cooperation, please contact: [email protected] Cultural guide.