Again Bronze Flight Ball Watch Engineer Iii Bronze Marvelight

BALL WATCH Since its establishment in 1891, BALL WATCH has always been a watch that can still run accurately in harsh environments. BALL WATCH is a reliable partner of many pioneers. In order to perfectly interpret the spirit of the modern explorer with a brand new look, BALL WATCH launched the new series of Engineer III Bronze Marvelight to pay tribute to those who are brave enough to explore the unknown.

Engineer III Bronze Marvelightt is equipped with self-luminous miniature gas lamps in the hands and hour scale, which can easily read the faceplate in the dark environment

Bronze Marvelight, as the name suggests, is made of bronze, which has been hot in recent years. Bronze not only gives people a low-key luxury feeling, but its rusty luster will continue to change with wearing habits and time, making each watch truly unique. Furthermore, on a practical level, bronze has excellent corrosion resistance, which makes bronze very suitable for use on watches.

In the design of the bottom cover, the SPAD fighter pattern most commonly used in the First World War was engraved, symbolizing the human desire for flying in the sky

Inspired by a retro flight watch, the dial layout is naturally simple, with a contrasting matte black dial. The figures are surrounded by golden lines, which not only makes them appear more three-dimensional, but also complements the bronze color. Above the 6 o’clock position is the U.S. Air Force Pilot Wings, the exclusive emblem of the Air Force, echoing the watch’s flying theme. The hands and hour markers are set with BALL WATCH’s prestigious self-luminous miniature gas lamp, providing unparalleled readability, and the watch also displays a unique flavor in the dark.

Engineer III Bronze Marvelight

Bronze material / BALL RR1102-SL self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date, day display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 43mm / reference price: 18,000 RMB, with green and blue dial- —