2013 Basel Patek Philippe 7200r-001 Watch Real Shot

[Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. In front of you, we will bring the exhibition report in the first time, and send the new watch pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here is a new Basel product for everyone. Patek Philippe makes real shots. Friends who like PP can see it first.

  Patek Philippe’s new Calatrava Ref. 7200 women’s watch is crafted from elegant rose gold, focusing on the hours and minutes. The watch does not display seconds or date, not to mention anything else-it just shows the flow of time in a leisurely manner. This watch is specially designed for women who are calm and perceive the essence of things. It is full of timeless classic charm and exquisite femininity.
 The Bauhaus design concept of ‘shape comes with function’ is an important prerequisite for Patek Philippe to create Ref. 7200. The first Calatrava watch born in 1932 was inspired by this concept. The watch is designed to be circular due to the circular motion of the hands and the time train. It goes without saying that the only pursuit of this watch is to measure time. Two hands, 12 rose gold digital hour markers and delicate and slender 60 minute markers can accurately display the time, and the ‘PATEK PHILIPPE GENEVE’ logo engraved on the surface is the highest guarantee for accurate travel time and reliable performance. The fascination of the new Calatrava women’s watch lies in its simple design. The slim side edges of the case, the round and elegant case, the sturdy vertical lugs and the screw-fastened strap bolts, show the classic features of the official case. The fine grain texture of the dial shows an extraordinary silky effect, perfectly complementing the two ‘Poire Stuart’ rose gold hands. The sapphire crystal is slightly curved, making it less prone to slippage and perfectly protecting the delicate dial.

 Ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement
 Caliber 240
 Grained, cream-colored dial, gold applied numerals
 Strap: alligator with square scales, hand-stitched, matt pearly beige
 Prong buckle
 Sapphire-crystal case back
 Water resistant to 30 m
 Rose gold style
 Case diameter: 34.6 mm
 The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
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Roger Dubuisroger Dubuis Beyond Limits Ignite Shanghai

The spirit of ‘beyond the limit’ and Roger Dubuis have always been inseparable: it is like a way of self-expression, an attitude of embracing ‘broad and infinite life’-continuous breakthrough in the boundaries of technology and aesthetic , Even subverting all conventions. This feature is deeply rooted in the brand’s genes, and Roger Dubuis encourages to show its unique personality in every aspect, especially when creating luxurious and extraordinary experiences for customers. However, the brand’s various forms of transcendence reach the perfect balance through its unique duality. Deep in Roger Dubuis’s soul, there is a passion for excitement, which in turn blooms its unique and expressive characteristics; at the same time, Roger Dubuis’s thoughts and actions are fully reflected in a significant modern sense. Demonstrate a deep respect for tradition, forming another iconic quality of the brand.

Roger Dubuis Exceeds ‘ExcessNight’ Event Site

Exquisite match
  Carrying the latest work bearing the unique personality of the brand, Roger Dubuis will host an absolutely subversive event in Shanghai from October 17th to 19th, and once again show its creative ideas beyond the limits. This vibrant Chinese city provides an excellent stage for two new superb models that perfectly embody the brand’s personality. The guests experience not only a grand event, but also an extraordinary sensory experience, leading them into a unique emotional world. This amazing and bizarre journey will take guests to the extraordinary world of the brand, enjoy a world of watchmaking like never before, and enjoy an extraordinary journey.

Roger Dubuis Exceeds ‘ExcessNight’ Event Site

  Recently, Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuy invited the brand’s best friends to spend a wonderful and shocking ‘ExcessNight’ night in Shanghai, China. With superb and bold breakthrough power, the brand has set up a minute repeater space with no echo effect and a luxurious and gorgeous BlacklightBox space, leading guests to an extraordinary sensory journey that subverts imagination.

Exquisite watchmaking experience area

  The well-known actor Dou Xiao and the young generation actor Xu Kai came to the scene to bring the atmosphere to a climax all night. As an extreme sports enthusiast, Dou Xiao’s name is often associated with vocabulary such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, and skydiving. Experience the vast and infinite inner and outer world in the uncompromising and fearless limit crossing. In Dou Xiao’s view, life is boundless, and the true brave will not be bound by worldly labels, nor will he set limits on his own. Just as in his body, you can feel the harmony and harmony of different cultural contexts in the East and the West. The western style is cheerful, the east style is quiet and elegant, and the wisdom is his life observation beyond the limit, and this is also the core of the charm that Roger Dubuy has always believed in and practiced. Roger Dubuis is rooted in traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, exploring in precise time scales and infinite space-time dimensions, breaking the boundaries between Eastern and Western styles, breaking through the traditional and modern concept barriers, subverting, integrating, challenging, and innovating to achieve with extraordinary spirit. Transcendence of skill and courage.

Well-known actor Dou Xiao wears King Pirelli series IceZero2 watch to attend the ‘ExcessNight’ event

  There is also a new generation of actors and actresses Xu Kai who challenge their limits with innovation. As a leader of the new generation of young actors, in the play, he constantly challenged the depth of acting with divine sensitivity and tenacity; outside of the play, he revealed his true self freely with fashionable shapes. For the performer, each role play is a gorgeous adventure of deconstruction and reconstruction. The role is not fixed, both need to be loyal to the original foundation, but also show a unique interpretation. This is a test of strength and courage, and a dialogue with the limits of one’s own ability. The urge to innovate and the guts to challenge the limits became the spiritual bond connecting Xu Kai and Roger Dubuis. Xu Kai has always been a crazy fanatic of Roger Dubuis skeletonized movement watches. He is fascinated by his amazing imagination and the spirit that challenges the aesthetic tradition. ‘I like the fascinating structure of the hollow movement very much. It originates from tradition and transcends tradition. There is a kind of subversion and reincarnation in it.’ This time, ‘ExcessNight’ beyond the limit is undoubtedly Roger Dubuy’s vigorous innovation. Focus on presentation. Challenge the pinnacle of the watchmaking world with superb skills, sublimate and subvert traditions with aesthetic creativity, and leapfrog over posture to achieve unlimited possibilities.

Young actor Xu Kai wearing the King Series hollow flying tourbillon jewelry watch at the ‘ExcessNight’ event

Dancing with duality
  Color and sound, sound and color, Roger Dubuis presents the most shocking duality creation. This brand new scene full of sound effects and bright colors provides a series of wonderful sensory feasts. Amazing guests are immersed in this space full of vivid Roger Dubuis and gradually find themselves enjoying an intimate and intimate True expression: A brand that is brave enough to make a difference is here to show its passionate but artistic quality.

RogerDubuis ExcaliburSpiderUniqueSeries Watch (Model: DBEX0862)

  Amazed guests strolled through a building wonderland equipped with special lighting. This is a minute repeater space with no echo effect, providing an unforgettable timepiece experience with extremely shocking stereo effects: a unique The ExcaliburSpiderUniqueSeries watch is here to show the rhythm of its life. The ExcaliburSpiderUniqueSeries watch is the embodiment of high passion and a classic timepiece that reflects the dual creation of Roger Dubuis. It is not only equipped with the favorite and exquisitely unique complex functions, but also uses ultra-modern SMC sheet-molded carbon fiber The new watch has become another model for the brand as a ‘continuous innovator’ in the watch industry.

Shocking extraordinary minute repeater space

RogerDubuis Excalibur Blacklight Watch (Model: DBEX0804)

  This extraordinary journey continues into a BlacklightBox space, and its scenes vividly reflect the brand’s unrestrained artistic creativity, in order to light up the most courageous Roger Dubuis lovers. Here, clever color design trumps everything. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis, with his extraordinary ability to create aesthetics and unique talents in processing details, has created a perfect scene showing ‘broad and infinite life’, allowing only 28 pieces of limited edition Excalibur Blacklight watches to be displayed with rainbow decorations. This timepiece uses artificial sapphire technology for the first time in haute horlogerie, realizing the feat of technology and aesthetics. Against the background of the soft and gloomy surroundings, the watch movement looks like a real 3D mechanical sculpture. The ability of sapphire to emit light under ultraviolet light enhances this three-dimensional sense and makes the delicately designed movement as if it is at night. Floating in the case. This model uses a mixture of materials to display a unique and modern design, and it is a perfect mechanical artwork carrying superb connotations.

Luxurious and gorgeous BlacklightBox space

  This ultimate expedition is culminated with a spectacular illuminated architectural scaffold. The only thing guests need to do here is to sit down and let Roger Dubuis take you on a journey.