Jacques & Lincoln Center Film Association Hosts ‘twelve Years Of Slavery’ Premiere Evening Party

Jaeger-LeCoultre Jaeger-LeCoultre, a 180-year-old Swiss watchmaker, announced in April 2013 that it had established an annual partnership with the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York. This is a well-known non-profit film organization in the United States. Based on this cooperation, Lincoln Center and Jaeger-LeCoultre jointly launched the annual ‘Filmmaker in Residence’ program to fully support the development of film art.
 As a long-term partner of the Lincoln Center Film Association, Jaeger-LeCoultre supports the Filmmaker in Residence project with British director and writer Andrea Arnold on October 3rd. Two film events: the premiere of the film Twelve Years of Slavery, directed by Steve McQueen, in New York, and the ‘Salute to Ralph Fiennes’ evening.
 On October 8th, local time, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Lincoln Center Film Association welcomed director Steve McQueen and his work ‘Twelve Years of Slavery’. This film is adapted by John Ridley, based on Solomon Northup’s biographical novel of the same name, and tells the story of a freelance New York black Northrop who was abducted and abducted as a slave .
 From left to right: Mr. Laurent Vinay, Jaeger-LeCoultre Global Communications Director, directors Steve McQueen, actors Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender
The evening included movie premieres and interactive Q & A sessions with cast members. The cast included: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Lupita Nyong ‘o,), Sarah Paulson, Paul Dano.
Film actors Chiwetel Ejiofor and Lupita Nyong’o
 On October 9, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Lincoln Center Film Association paid tribute to actor and director Ralph Fiennes with unique talent and legendary experience. The tribute party traces the film career of the winner Leif Vannes, and reviews representative works such as ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘British Patient’. In addition, the party premiered the last film, The Invisible Woman, directed by Leif Vannes. The carefully arranged stage dialogue then brought a successful end to the ceremony. Rose Kuo, executive director of the Lincoln Center Film Association, said: ‘Mr. Leif Vannes has wonderfully explained the creations of writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens, and Graham Green, which are above life. An extraordinary reason to celebrate. The Motion Picture Association is very excited to present Leif Vannes at the New York Film Festival, not only because he is a great actor, but also because he directed ‘Invisible Woman’ A great movie to watch. ‘
Famous British film star and director Ralph Fiennes
From left to right: Rose Kuo, executive director of the Lincoln Center Film Association, Mr. Laurent Vinay, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s global communications director, British director and writer Andrea Arnold, well-known British film star and director Lev • Ralph Fiennes

Simple Design Concept Tasting Breguet Heritage Watch

Breguet watches are loved by the royal family. King Louis XVI of France and Queen Mary are admirers of Breguet. Balzac, Pushkin, Alexandre Dumas, Hugo and other writers have also mentioned Breguet watches. Celebrities such as Queen Victoria and Prime Minister Churchill are Breguet customers. Today, Breguet belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group, and more and more people understand Breguet and even fall in love with Breguet. Below, the watch home presents a classic series of watches for Breguet fans. Official model: 5157BB / 11 / 9V6

  Breguet has been the most important synonym for Swiss timepieces for many years and has undergone corporate restructuring in recent years. Breguet was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland in 1747. He lived in Paris most of his life and created countless great inventions throughout his life. He was active in every field of watchmaking. A series of breakthroughs made his career keep climbing. High peaks, such as improved automatic watches, invented bell springs for bells, and shock absorbers.

  This men’s heritage watch has a rounded, wear-resistant sapphire crystal and is anti-reflective inside. The dial does not have too many functions and is very simple. The Roman scale has a retro style. Although Breguet is not a calligrapher, the ancient Roman numerals designed by it are elegant and practical, showing its Breguet style.

  For more than two centuries, Breguet has continued to use the famous hands with a hollow eccentric ‘moon’ needle tip created by the brand’s founder. This watch naturally also adopts a slender blue hollow eccentric hand. Graceful gesture.

  The Breguet logo is engraved at 12 o’clock, the scale is even and full, and the 38 mm dial is generous and has sufficient visual space. For those who love simplicity, any function seems redundant, so the dial of this watch only has a chronograph function.

  We usually watch watches, the dial is the easiest to give an intuitive impression, major brands also try to reflect their brand style and characteristics on the dial, Breguet is no exception. An important detail of this watch is that its dial is not smooth. The dial is engraved with hand-made textures, reflecting the exquisiteness and care of the watchmakers.

  From the side, this watch is also beautiful. The crown of this men’s watch also fits the overall style, exquisite and small, and also has the Breguet logo. The silver case is engraved with uniform and delicate texture, showing the subtle modification details of Breguet chronograph.

  The pitted frame is also one of the characteristics of French watches, highlighting the brand’s unique style. Although many brands now imitate the process, the details of Breguet cannot be copied. The 18K white gold case makes this watch in yours. Noble gesture on his wrist. This watch is 5.4 millimeters thick and looks slim, but you should never worry about its quality.

  The lugs are welded to the bezel to ensure durability and are linked to the watch’s case and belt, which allows the strap to move flexibly while making the entire watch more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the eyelet of the winding rod must be accurately drilled to ensure that the case is highly waterproof.

  The black alligator strap with 18k white gold folding buckle is low-key and generous. The natural texture of crocodile skin seems to know that its quality is extraordinary, and it is very comfortable to wear daily, but you need to pay attention to the leather is in need of maintenance, do not allow the belt to be constantly immersed in water.

  The Breguet heritage series watch is equipped with Cal.502.3 movement, sapphire crystal case back, the decoration of the case is very beautiful, from the engraving to the polishing of the movement is very delicate. This watch is waterproof and has a water resistance of 30 meters. Also available in gold style, the number is 5157BA / 11 / 9V6, giving people of different preferences one more type of choice.

Summary: Breguet watches always keep pace with the times and surprise us. Every innovation has made watch fans love this one. Although Breguet has undergone changes, the brand’s tradition and style have remained unchanged forever. of. The simple design of this watch is suitable for business occasions or daily wear. In addition to practicality, without losing style, it is addictive and is the best choice for many men. Official model: 5157BB / 11 / 9V6; Reference price: 147,800 yuan, HK $ 135,100. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

For more watch details, please click: breguet / 1962 /

Swiss Plum Watch Masterseriesmaster Series

ITONI Swiss Series MasterSeries Master Series, whether it is gentle silver or stylish black dial, is filled with very attractive features: slender hour hand with beautiful and elegant Roman numeral time scale; and The Geneva stripe in the center of the dial is simple and extraordinary, highlighting the time display of the two places and the power reserve, which always reveals the style of fashion.

 At the same time, the 24-hour display in the second time zone echoes the Arabic numeral calendar window, reminding the wearer of important daily schedules. The outer circle of the dial has a slightly inclined design, which expands the visibility of the entire dial. The black leather strap makes this new Master Series watch unique.

Grand Carrera Calibre 36 Rs Caliper Chronograph: 2008 ‘grand

The Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève is the most authoritative award this watch has ever received, fully reflecting the tradition of Grand Carrera and TAG Heuer. spirit. This watch also won the 2008 most successful design award in China and won the Mexico Salon Internacional de Alta Relojeria 2008. The company’s president and CEO Jean-Christophe Babin said: ‘This is the fifth time TAG Heuer has won the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie award … but every time it is the same! For TAG For Heuer, this is a great achievement. ‘

The launch of Grand Carrera in June 2007 has been enthusiastically sought after and has achieved commercial success, inspired by Hyundai GT cars. He first adopted a rotary mechanical movement, which is a unique new feature that makes reading easier for users, as well as an intuitive small stopwatch, a second time zone (GMT), and a stopwatch time that shows the measured time .

The Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS Caliper Chronograph

The Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS Caliper Chronograph is powered by a spur gear movement, which is the only automatic movement capable of measuring and displaying tenths of a second! Through the colored double sapphire crystal, you can see that the movement with COSC certification is vibrating at a frequency of 36,000 times per hour. This allows the center second hand to jump internally at a tenth of a second, achieving unparalleled precision at a glance.
Source: TAGHeuer