Cartier Délices Watch Introduction

A little twist and complete the Huamei transformation. Cartier’s new D & eacute; lices watch series is like mouthwatering packaging with exquisite aroma and attractive candy. Elegant and elegant oblique oval dial with white or rose gold, light gray or rice flour silk strap, showing a completely different moving style. The charming curve combines glamour and sweetness, and the brilliant diamonds are more like icing and frosting for this beautiful dessert. The unbelievable beauty of harmony blooms among the delicate time-marked numbers cleverly arranged on the irregular dial. D & eacute; lices watch is such a unique eye-catching time elf, exquisite and elegant, but full of changing mystery.
Women’s agile and pleasant temperament is in this subtle change. If the time is flowing, the minutes and seconds are different, and the exquisiteness jumps out. The combination of white K gold and unique light gray silk can best embody the aristocratic temperament. If rose K gold and rice flour silk come together, the exquisite and beautiful feminine charm is revealed. The D & eacute; lices watch series in rose gold around the body is the perfect embodiment of low-key luxury, while the oversized models highlight the extraordinary wisdom and ability of women.

Cartier D & eacute; lices watch, small model, rhodium-plated white gold diamonds; and D & eacute; lices watch, small model, rose gold setting