Are You Finished Packing For Double 11? Double 12 And These Emilion Watches To Plant Grass

Just after signing for the ‘Double Eleven’ courier, ‘Double Twelve’ has already begun. ‘Double Twelve’, as the name suggests, is an annual activity that is launched on December 12 in 2011. It was jointly created by Taobao and Jingdong. ‘After the second’ chop hand section. ‘
   The ‘Double Twelve’ event is another round of e-commerce shopping boom after the ‘Double 11’. It is exactly at the end of the year that when rewarding yourself and choosing holiday gifts for friends and relatives, the ‘Double Twelve’ shopping with everyone Revel!
   ‘Double Twelve’ is also a good time to buy a watch. A watch is not only an accessory with a timing function, but also a carrier for expressing feelings and feelings. Buy a fine watch for yourself or your friends and family during the Twelfth Shopping Festival. It is not too late to introduce several exquisite watches of the Emilion brand for everyone to plant grass.
Amy Long Lac Leman Series
   Across the Geneva and Lake Leman, France, the deep blue clear water reflects the snowy peaks of the Alps, full of heaven and earth. The Lehman series watch is the inspiration of the watchmaker’s inspiration from the shore of Lehman Lake, which is natural and clear. The watch continues Emilon’s time wing design, fused with a round case, and interprets elegance and freedom with a stretched, atmospheric wing shape. Among them, ‘Jinleimeng’ 08.1168.G39. watch case is made of 18K gold material, highlighting the watch’s luxurious temperament and also the identity of the wearer. The RAYMOND men’s dial has two designs with diameters of 39mm and 42mm, giving you more choices.

Amy Long Fair Lady
   ‘Jingya’ is a series designed for women. In the design, the beautiful inspiration that expresses women’s beauty is incorporated into the watchmaking process. Jingya lotus flower model, the surface of the plate is made of metal-shaped petals, three-dimensional and exquisite, extruded from the center of the table and stretched to the four sides, delicate and exquisite, exquisite and chic; the blue thick willow leaf hollow hands are the most outstanding petals, proudly standing on the table Heart, swaying with time. The case made of stainless steel is like a clear spring, like a quiet pond surrounding the lotus, rippling with the quiet of the years; the bezel set with diamonds is full of luxury, and each finely polished diamond records a dream about luxury and beauty.

Amy Long Pearl Series
  ‘Pearl’ is a distinctive series in the Emily brand. In the design of the Pearl series watches, precious metals, gems and diamonds are mostly used to perfectly combine luxury and exquisiteness, together with Emilion DNA ‘wings of time’ lugs, which reflect elegance and nobility in simplicity. 09.3883.G.6.J.22.0 watch The stainless steel case with 18K gold diamond bezel highlights elegance and luxury, and the delicate chrysanthemum-textured dial layer is scattered, luxurious and dynamic; the unique square case does not show a trace of stereotype , The rounded edges and corners contain a profound way of life.

   The Emilion watch series is rich and has its own characteristics. ‘Double Twelve’ is here. Amy Long has activities in both offline and online stores. What are you waiting for? If you love watches, hurry up and go to Amy Long Jingdong, Tmall online stores or offline stores to choose a watch that suits you best.

Tag Heuer Opens First Single-brand Boutique In Ireland

Recently, TAGHeuer and Lunn’s jewelry have opened the first single-brand boutique on the island of Ireland in Queen Arcade in Belfast. Lunn’s Jewelry plans to create an iconic retail destination in the heart of Belfast, and the opening of a new store is part of this £ 2.5 million investment project. The Queen’s Arcade also houses Rolex boutiques, owned and operated by Lunn’s jewelry.

   Suzanne Lunn, director of jewelry marketing at Lunn’s, said: ‘I’m very happy to open the first TAGHeuer boutique in Ireland. My grandfather John Lunn established a business in Queen Arcade almost 70 years ago and is particularly proud to open a new store here. . ‘

   ‘We are confident about the future of Belfast’s downtown retail industry and are excited to now offer a fully immersive TAGHeuer experience. The establishment of a new storefront will upgrade us to the iconic Queen Arcade in Ireland Shopping destination ambitions add to the mix, ‘she added.

   TAGHeuer, with many UK partners, has opened single-brand boutiques, including Laings, Beaverbrooks, WatchesofSwitzerland Group and Signet.

   Rob Diver, managing director of TAGHeuer UK, said the opening of these franchised retailers has increased brand sales. He said: ‘We are very proud to cooperate with Lunn’s Jewelry to open the new TAGHeuer boutique in Queen Arcade, Belfast, Ireland. We believe that the opening of the new store will push the brand to a new height in Northern Ireland, and It allows customers to experience the extraordinary timepieces and powerful genes of TAGHeuer in a comprehensive environment. It is a great pleasure to witness the rebuilding of this iconic location in Belfast and become one of the key brands indispensable. ‘ Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Rolex Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearl Lady Type 39

Pearl Lady is the top jewelry watch crowned by Rolex. The pearly lady’s case is sleek and elegant. It features a unique rich dial and delicate inlays of precious stones, including diamonds, sapphires or rubies. It is cast only in 18ct yellow, white or eternal rose gold developed by Rolex. .

18CT Gold
Rolex has its own foundry to develop high-quality 18ct gold alloy. By mixing different amounts of silver, copper, platinum or palladium, different types of 18ct gold can be refined: gold, pink gold or white gold. All raw materials are smelted from extremely pure metals. Before gold forming, they must be carefully inspected by advanced equipment in their own laboratory. Each process is meticulous. Rolex has always been pursuing perfection since the beginning of production.

Olive green dial
Gem-setting artisans, like sculptors, use precious metals to carefully craft their mounts for each gem. The craftsman then set the gemstone with extremely precise techniques. Each gem is precisely aligned and calibrated to its place, ensuring a firm decoration on a gold or platinum setting. In addition to paying attention to the quality of gemstones, Rolex also has other strict requirements on gem setting, including the height of the gemstones and their precise arrangement, direction and location, regularity of setting, firmness and proportion, and the exquisiteness of the metal setting Surface Modification. All of these make the watch a brilliant decoration for the wearer’s wrist.

Pearl ladies strap
The design, development and production process of Rolex straps and buckles, as well as the rigorous tests that need to pass, make full use of advanced technology. Like other components of the watch, the strap and buckle are also inspected by special personnel to ensure that the product is beautiful and flawless.
This sensual and elegant gold strap, with five rows of ring links, is especially designed for the Pearl Ladies model launched in 1992. Pearl ladylike wristband with concealed crown buckle.

3235 movement
The new Pearl Lady 39 features a new-generation movement 3235, entirely developed by Rolex, which demonstrates an outstanding level of precision timepieces. After assembling the case, Rolex tested the Swiss Observatory-certified precision timepiece (COSC) again to ensure that its accuracy meets Rolex standards, which is twice as high as the Swiss Observatory-certified timepiece. After the watch is assembled, the watch’s final precision is tested using Rolex-specific methods and high-tech equipment. This new self-winding mechanical movement is the pinnacle of watchmaking.

Small window convex lens
The small lenticular lens magnifies the calendar display and makes it easy to read. It is not only a major feature of Rolex watches, but also easy to identify.