Was The Weekend Lasting? Then Buy A Long-powered Watch

I occasionally stay at home on weekends for two days. When I go out on Monday and wear the watch again, I find that the watch has stopped, and I have to re-check the time, which is very troublesome. The power reserve time of the watch is more than 40 hours, which is enough for daily wear, but if you want to maintain the power for two days, you may need a long-powered watch.

   For the average working class, the highly popular observatory-certified long-power watch is a good choice. The reason why I recommend the Mido watch is that it can properly highlight the fusion of both practical and temperament at a reasonable price, and the CALIBER 80 Observatory certified movement used by it is really good.

Mido CALIBER 80 Observatory certified movement

   To understand the certified movement of the Mido CALIBER 80 Observatory, you must first start with the Swatch Group’s special movement Powermatic 80, which is the ETA C07.111 movement. The long-powered movement jointly created by Tissot and ETA is based on our very familiar movement ETA 2824-2 (also said to be based on 2846, but 2846 is a cheaper version of 2836 and 2836 is a 2824 plus week model). Come.
   We all know that the power of the movement comes from the spring in the barrel. The most common way to increase energy storage is to increase the number of barrels. But the ETA C07.111 movement does not add a barrel, so how does it increase power?

   Let’s start with the ETA 2824-2 movement, with a diameter of 25.60 mm, a thickness of 4.60 mm, a minimum power reserve of 38 hours, 25 rubies, a frequency of 28.800 vibrations per hour, and a two-way automatic winding. It can be regarded as a long history and has gone through the test of half a century.

ETA C07.111

   The ETA C07.111 movement has 23 jewel bearings, and many improvements have been made to the movement to achieve twice the time reserve. The method of reducing vibration frequency is used to reduce energy from 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour) to 3 Hz (21,600 times / hour). Here I also teach you a method difference, that is, carefully observe the movement of the second hand, the smoothness during running is reduced compared to 4 Hz. It does not affect accuracy.

   In addition, the ETA C07.111 movement also uses a high-performance synthetic material (one-shot ABS plastic material) to reduce friction, thereby reducing waste of power. The diameter of the inner core of the mainspring box has also been reduced, so as to extend the mainspring and reduce the diameter of the mainspring shaft, it is bound to allow the mainspring to wind more turns. This increases the power reserve to 80 hours.
   The structure of the movement is basically the same as that of ETA 2824-2. The only difference is the use of a new high-precision speed control mechanism, eliminating the traditional speed control mechanism and replacing it with laser cutting. The movement achieves the highest precision through laser processing at the factory, without any adjustment in the later stage, and can maintain accuracy for a long time. The Powermatic 80 is a new movement launched by the Swatch Group in 2013. It is also a dedicated movement of the Swatch Group. It is currently shared by Tissot, Mido and Certina, with long power and good performance.

   The CALIBER 80 Observatory-certified movement adopted by Mido is based on the ETAC07.621 movement (ETA C07.111 adds the week display function), and the Observatory certification has been added. To put it simply, the observatory certification is popular. To pass the observatory certification (referred to as COSC), each movement must be divided into 16 cycles, each cycle is 24 hours, the specified five directions and three temperatures (23 ℃). , 38 ℃, 8 ℃) test. The minimum requirement for a movement that successfully passes the test is an average error of -4 / + 6 seconds per day (for movements with a diameter greater than 20 mm). After passing the test, the accuracy of the movement can reach 99.99% before it is engraved with the certification number and obtained the certification issued by the Swiss official observatory.
   Mido launched several watches with CALIBER 80 movement at the Basel International Watch Fair earlier this year. One of the perfect series watches I like very much. Model: M8340.4.18.19, 316L stainless steel case, diameter 42 mm, waterproof 100 meters. Caliber 80 Observatory certified automatic movement (based on ETA C07.621), diameter 25.60 mm, thickness 5.22 mm. 25 diamonds. The carefully crafted movement is decorated with blue screws, the automatic oscillating weight carefully sculpts the Geneva ripple and the MIDO logo, and the hours, minutes, seconds, date, and day are displayed, and the accuracy of the travel time is adjusted in 5 directions. Up to 80 hours power reserve.


   The perfect series has the design essence of the ancient Roman Colosseum, and the design is reasonable. And this new model, the overall color of gray and orange looks good. The pointer layout is simple, the day of the week calendar is clear, the contrast is obvious and beautiful, and it is suitable for various occasions. This is really enough for men who are pursuing long-lasting.

Lange Lange Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst Special Edition Watch

Lange (A. Lange & Söhne) adds traditional elements to its most advanced watches. LANGE ZEITWERK A limited edition of 30 watches showcases the highest Saxony craftsmanship. This special edition watch is exclusively available in Lange boutiques. Three years ago, Lange released the first mechanical wristwatch LANGE ZEITWERK with a constant-power escapement to support accurate word display. Since then, this award-winning watch has become one of the brand’s most successful products. The special edition watch, which has been titled HANDWERKSKUNST, has reached another peak in this series: the detailed case, dial and movement decoration, as well as its Glashütte lever escapement show the craftsmanship of this Saxony watch factory And watchmaking skills. These traditional elements have made many technological innovations in this exquisite masterpiece. LANGE ZEITWERK HANDWERKSKUNST White gold dial with Tremblage carving
    The dial in white gold and black rhodium is decorated with delicate Tremblage carvings. The engraver sculpted a special lined engraving knife with a unique and multi-angle movement across the dial surface by hand, creating a delicate and vivid grainy texture. This is a huge challenge for the sculptor: the curved Lange logo and the letters of the power reserve display must be balanced on this uneven surface. The rhodium-plated German silver time bridge polished in a straight line also contrasts with the black dial. German silver, which has always been used to make bridges and plywood, is one of Lange’s materials for manufacturing movements. As part of the dial, the time bridge surrounds all time displays: a large white jump-type hour and minute display, and a small seconds dial made of solid silver. The combination of these precious metals is most dazzling with its platinum case. The Lange signature, case number and limited number on the case back are also engraved by hand.
    Through the sapphire crystal case back of LANGE ZEITWERK HANDWERKSKUNST, you can admire the built-in precision movement L043.4. In addition to Lange’s classic 3/4 splint and screw-fixed gold sleeve, it also has a variety of Art decoration: 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver with grained surface and hand-engraved lettering; Lange’s signature on the barrel is embossed: this process requires an engraver to chisel the material Its main body makes it look like a relief; the balance wheel and escapement plywood are also decorated with special hand carving. The top of the bridge of the constant power escapement is also treated with the most delicate and time-consuming black polishing technique. The Glashütte lever escapement in the watch pays tribute to the Lange tradition of the 19th century. Its levers and escapement wheels are made of enhanced 18K gold. The advantage of this material is its magnetic resistance, and the widely used diamagnetic alloy was not invented at that time. The lever is designed to maintain balance in any position. Its pawls are hidden and slightly curved to reduce friction with the escape wheel. All these subtle and perfectly used designs make this precise watch. This generation of Lange watchmakers used one of Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s most important inventions to make this watch; for them, it was an extremely attractive challenge. This exclusive and limited edition of 30 collectors’ boutiques are only available at seven Lange brand boutiques worldwide. LANGE ZEITWERK HANDWERKSKUNST has recently opened in Lange on September 26, 2012. It is officially launched in one of the world’s largest shopping malls, the Dubai Mall.


In May, more than 200 new products of SIHH2018 Geneva International High-level Watches Salon will be listed one after another. For watch fans, expensive watches that have been swiped by friends circles and subscription numbers in the past two months will immediately appear in casual display windows. In addition to wallets that ca n’t gain weight anyway, there is a headache: in the end What brand is better to buy? The SIHH brands are all in the advanced watchmaking level. The prices of the most entry-level models also start at RMB 3-5 million. Complex models or craft models often cost hundreds of thousands, even breaking one million, and there are also custom models that are not capped on a few . These works have already exceeded the practical needs when reading mechanical watches, but started with traditional craftsmanship, technical functions, scientific research and development, brand culture and other aspects to interpret a way of life, aesthetic attitude, and even philosophical understanding. How to choose? I feel that it has nothing to do with good or bad, only in demand. In the following, I will first divide the needs of watch fans into three levels: entry, advanced, and player, and then make corresponding recommendations for new SIHH products. Stripping away the timing attribute, the entry-level requirement of a mechanical watch is first and foremost a social identity, even in the relatively high-end cold watchmaking circle, this is also a difficult level to avoid. The selection of the table must be based on the basic brands of the mainstream brands in SIHH. The mainstream means that the after-sales service is in place. More importantly, it is well-known. Wear it out. , Add up to a calendar, buy the same fame and quality at the most appropriate price. Of course, the mainstream and foundation of SIHH rests on the entire bezel, and the pricing is still slightly higher. But looking at it, the top-level craftsmanship of the fine watchmaking brand and the temperament revealed in the craftsmanship are also clear at a glance. This year, SIHH, in order to adapt to the new era of today, advanced watchmaking will pass on its own top-level craftsmanship with a personalized attitude and connect with a larger audience. Cartier Santos de Cartier watch Cartier Santos, a classic classic that is constantly being reinterpreted, this year has a new design, the case and bracelet lines are more delicate and slender, with a quick-release strap, more time and vitality, not hollow Stainless steel models in the early 50’s. Officine Panerai launched the Luminor Due in the past two years. This year, it launched the 38mm “small” size for the first time, allowing female fans and prospective female fans to let go and love. Pricing is more appropriate than the previous Due, stainless steel models are less than RMB 50,000. Piaget’s Possesion women’s watch maintains the brand’s consistent decorative nature, but unlike the past, it has increased the choice of case, dial and strap. Most of the models use quartz movement, which is a woman’s wrist wardrobe, stainless steel. Without diamonds less than RMB 30,000. Hermes’ Arceau Casaque, the dial outlines a Trojan horse pattern, rendered in yellow, red, green, and blue tones, which not only meets the brand’s style, but also definitely wears a sharp weapon with a quartz movement. Panerai Luminor Due 38mm Piaget Possesion Hermes Arceau Casaque watch from the famous to the characteristics of buying, is the biggest sign of entry-level to enter the class demand. Watchmaking has a long and traditional tradition. No matter in the technical structure or historical humanities, there will be some classics sufficient to record the history of watchmaking. Most of the mainstream brands in SIHH have a long history and many classics. Not only are they good at expensive and rare custom models or treasures, but they can also handle special complex functions to the extreme and be innovative. The latter is of good quality, unique technology, and suitable pricing, and is also suitable for wearing. The functional models of mainstream brands on SIHH this year are mostly based on the theme of classic revival, and incorporate detailed design that meets the temperament of the new era. New bottles and old wines have the same mellow, different fragrance. Montblanc 1815 single-button chronograph Montblanc single-button chronograph, the movement is a signature of its 160-year-old Minerva watch factory, chic structure with beautiful layout and polishing, top chronograph; but not only that, slightly rough green gradient dial , Highlighting the new positioning of the 1815 series in pursuit of adventure this year, both classic and trendy. Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore Series celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The automatic timing function + top sports watch is the brand’s signature. This year’s series, the timing is as stable as ever, and it is also full of color creativity. The 37mm women’s watch has five dials of green, orange, purple, pink and white. The 44mm men’s watch has a beige dial with khaki bezel and indigo dial. , Brown plate with blue vice plate and other color matching, vibrant. IWC’s annual calendar is practical and easy to adjust. Its digital display window has a strong modern feel and is a must-have for advanced business models with a vanguard appearance. This year is the 150th anniversary. All models use a blue or white lacquered dial, a Santoni crocodile leather strap, a 150th anniversary badge, etc., making this big flying calendar watch more beautiful than ever. Jaeger-LeCoultre took a whole new Beibei series to recreate the classic Memovox Polar Alarm Clock. Among them, the alarm model reflects the original model in the most original way. Its superb playability definitely meets the advanced needs and is young in temperament. a lot of. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 44mm Watch IWC Large Pilots Annual Calendar “150th Anniversary” Special Edition Jaeger-LeCoultre Series Memovox Alarm Watch has reached the player’s stage. Buying a watch is actually freewheeling, with functional foundation or complexity. Neither the mainstream nor the niche of the brand can restrain the hearts of players. Their core needs are mainly reflected in the precious, not the deliberate limit, but the extremely small output due to the comprehensive top-level configuration of technology, creativity and structure. On SIHH this year, in addition to the complex watches of mainstream brands that play classics in craftsmanship and creativity, there are many relatively unpopular niche brands that are paranoid about subversion of craftsmanship and creativity, all within the goal of player-level demand. MB & F Kelys & Chirp Vacheron Constantin’s focus this year is not on complex watches, but this Traditionnelle series tourbillon expert understands at a glance. The dial is simple and noble. The large-caliber tourbillon reveals the classic Maltese cross frame, and as a platinum collection. The models, from the case, dial, hands, scales, clasps, and even the stitching of the strap, are platinum, the ultimate nobility hidden in one breath. The Spring Palace watch is also a must-have for connoisseurs. Athens is good at this. In the past, it used the two questions to perform the Spring Palace. This year, it uses the three questions and the Spring Palace doll combination. The timekeeping technology is more complicated. The action design and sculpture of the doll are also More refined. Girard Perregaux’s three-axis tourbillon three-question is the rare and complicated watch of SIHH this year. The highlight is not the degree of technical complexity, but the extremely complex part structure made so transparent and visually shocking. Complicated watches are not limited to men. Van Cleef & Arpels has once again given poetic charm to complex watches. This Planétarium uses a variety of metallic stones and other stars on the aventurine dial, including the sun, meteors, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon; the new size is 6mm smaller than 4 years ago, with a diameter of 38mm, which is truly tailored for women. Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Tourbillon Watch Limited Platinum Collection Athens Classic Voyeur Peirce Tri-Axis Tourbillon Minute Repeater Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Planétarium watch independent watch brand MB & F is the idea of ​​the bezel In the laboratory, in addition to universe-level creative watches, there will also be a brain-opening mechanical doll work every year. This year’s Kelys & Chirp is a mechanical crawler that can crawl slowly. The movement also contains a musical bird that can sing and is driven by 480 components. The lovely picture is unexpectedly complicated. RICHARD MILLE has been committed to using high technology to create top technology and super performance to cope with harsh environments. For example, this RM53-01 polo watch uses double-layered sapphire crystal with polyethylene film interlayer, similar to the car bulletproof glass. In principle, it can not only give a glimpse of the stunning and shock-resistant suspension structure movement, but also be as indestructible as a regular polo watch wearing armor. Flying Hours by Henry Moser uses a unique planetary system to display the time. The three-hour disk rotates in turns. The current hour is indicated by a white hour scale, and the current minute is displayed by the corresponding minute scale. Its creativity is not unprecedented, but it is a wild idea. Coupled with the brand’s neat and capable design, it is unique and precious. Marguerite of independent watch brand CHRISTOPHE CLARET is a romantic whisper for women. The petal shape design can display ‘I love you’ and other love words through buttons. This year’s new style is smaller than 4 years ago, and the love words are still customized. RICHARD MILLE RM53-01 watch Henry Hours Flying Hours CHRISTOPHE CLARET Marguerite watch Due to limited space, Xiaobian can not introduce the three types of watches in full, but I believe this guide has organized the purchase of watches for you Ideas and directions. Then, the FHH Swiss Fine Watch Foundation carefully prepared new products information of 35 brands (18 fine watch brands and 17 independent watch brands) to find the right one for you. Text | Mark Picture | From the brand * More exciting content is included in the official WeChat public account of TimeSquare, welcome to pay attention! (Search: time concept)