Kunlun Watch Opens New Boutique In New York, Usa

Although there is news that Kunlun Watch has been wholly-owned by Haidian Group, this has not affected the pace of brand expansion in the market. In this month’s Aventura Shopping Center in Miami, Kunlun Watches opened its first flagship store in the North American market. North America as the brand’s second most important sales powerhouse. A few years passed as the North American economy recovered and the market Development, Kunlun’s battle in Miami is also one of the brand’s strategies.

 For a long time, Levinson Jewelry has been a strong partner for the development of Kunlun Watch in South Florida. This is also due to its high-quality work attitude, strong online client, and extremely strict professionalism. In view of the long-term trust of major watch brands, the opening of Kunlun Watch’s new store also proves the brand’s increasing attractiveness in the market.

 The opening address of the Kunlun Watch flagship store was chosen to be held in the Aventura Shopping Center. Of course, it has long been the second most visited business district in the United States. It combines the service model of tourism and leisure. It is also known as one of the largest super shopping centers in South Florida, and he is one of the most iconic business districts in the eyes of local residents and tourists. This shows that Kunlun’s site selection this time is also painstaking.

 Kunlun Watch CEO Antonio Calce said that the flagship store opening is a phased improvement for Kunlun Watch. Since 2006, the brand has consolidated and strengthened its distribution network and supported by Levinson jewelry partners. We will have bigger measures in the future market and present a higher level brand for the market.