Carl F. Bucherer Brand Story (2): The Perfect Combination Of Tradition And Innovation

According to nearly 90 years of watchmaking experience, Jorg G. Bucherer, the third-generation successor of Bucherer, decided in 2001 to take the name of the brand founder and officially named the brand Carl F. Bucherer. With professional manufacturing quality assurance and rich retail experience, enter the international arena. The new brand combines the self-confidence and unique charm of the founders of the group, adhering to the classic heritage and humane corporate style, with a declaration of ‘Dedicated to those who do not follow the trend’, reflecting the spirit of sophisticated and innovative Swiss traditional watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship.
 In order to achieve such an ambitious goal, in 2007, Bucherer opened a brand-new watchmaking factory in the town of Lennau near Biel, and set up global high-quality distributors to sell superb branded products. The Taiwan region is also directly headquartered The establishment of a branch shows the importance it attaches to the local market. Since 2005, Bucherer has been working with the Technologys HorlogeresAppliquees SA (THA) movement factory for many years to develop its own movements. The THA movement factory in Sainte-Croix, located in the Jurassic Mountains, has about 20 watchmakers and has always been known for its expertise in complex movements.

Jorg G. Bucherer, third generation of Bucherer

As early as the development of the computer drawing phase of the CFB A1000 automatic movement series, Smart SimPlexity patented technology was used to redesign, improve or simplify the future, current and traditional technologies as much as possible to create more intelligent, especially more Reliable operation method.

 Bucherer’s manufacturing workshop in Ste-Croix ensures complete technical autonomy and strict quality control from the design, production and assembly of the CFB A1000 movement parts.

International brand re-wins crown of homemade movement
 The appeal of home-made movement watches lies in innovative technology, practical additional performance, outstanding design and selected materials, which are the goals of all top watch brands in recent years. After several years of research and development, Bucherer further merged with THA, merged into the group’s renamed Carl F. Bucherer Technologies (CFBT), and released the brand’s first fully self-made movement in 2008, the CFB A1000 automatic movement. . After that, Bucherer successively released Patravi and Patravi EvoTec series models equipped with this series of self-made movements, and gloriously entered the ranks of home-made movement watch factories.

From the left are CFB A1001, A1000 and A1002 movements.