Senior Women’s Watches-the Historical Moment Of Celebrities And Watches

It seems that any beautiful things exist only because of human beings. They become wonderful and moving because of human emotions, aesthetics, and preferences. Otherwise, they can only be empty existence. It’s like high jewelry and watches become legendary because of a celebrity’s legendary career, and those legendary lives are also glorious due to the decoration of high jewelry and watches.
Duchess of Windsor and Van Cleef & Arpels Cadenas

Duke of Windsor
 The Duchess of Windsor’s life full of legend and romance seems to be inseparable from the jewels and watches. The Duke of Windsor, who sees her as treasure, knows how to do what she likes. Those who have made surprise for the Duchess of Windsor Jewelry family, among them Van Cleef & Arpels, in addition to the world-famous Zip necklace, there is also a 1935 Cadenas jewelry watch.

1939 Cadenas watch retail catalog card, Van Cleef & Arpels archives
   At that time, it was considered inelegant for women to look down at their watches in public. For his beloved wife, the Duke of Windsor collaborated with Van Cleef & Arpels to design a uniquely shaped Cadenas jewelry watch. At that time, this Cadenas jewellery watch was cast in yellow gold and the elegant design of the double-circle cylindrical hinged bracelet could be worn as a bracelet, while echoing the simple and clear case and lock-shaped design. The original beveled dial design allows the wearer to read the time elegantly and low-key.

2015 Van Cleef & Arpels Cadenas Collection
   Today, this jewellery timepiece carrying love and elegance is reinterpreted by Van Cleef & Arpels. The new design adjustment makes the watch full of modern beauty. In the new Cadenas series, the area of ​​the beveled dial of the watch has been increased, and the details such as the 12-hour time scale have been designed more clearly. The diamonds set in snowflakes are dazzling, showing the ultimate elegance and luxury of the watch. The two small porcelain beads built into the buckle are closely connected to the components, making the watch more stable during wearing. The inside of the buckle is polished so that the wearer can engrav the exclusive whisper, sometimes an ingenuity carrying emotions. At the same time, Van Cleef & Arpels launched a variety of styles for this new design, some extremely luxurious, and some low-key enough.

Jacqueline Kennedy and Piaget

Jacqueline Kennedy
    Jacqueline Kennedy is a very mysterious woman in the 1960s and 1970s. She has an extraordinary background, a beautiful appearance, and an elegant and noble temperament. She is the prominent first lady Jackie O. Nickname). However, everything was tragic because of the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Since then, this idol-like national lady has rarely appeared in the public eye. Five years later, she married Aristotle Onassis, the world’s richest man, and made another sensation. Today, Jackie O has long since died, but it is hard to forget that Jackie O’s legendary life and peerless style, even the thing she once loved is fascinating. Just like Jacqueline Kennedy’s favorite Earl’s gold watch in 1967, people have been talking about it.

Piaget gold watch worn by Jacqueline Kennedy
   18k white gold case set with 28 diamonds (0.72 carats), emerald dial, 9P ultra-thin manual winding movement made by Piaget, 18k yellow gold bracelet, created in 1967. It is said that this watch is the favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy. The design is simple and full of retro taste. Today, it is still charming.
   Gold is an important material for Piaget. Especially in the glorious 1960s and 1970s, many ideas were developed based on this material. To this end, Piaget has also accumulated superb metallurgical technology. Although this Piaget gold watch has a simple design, it has a lot of highlights. One is the unique oval case, full of retro feeling, which has since become Piaget’s iconic classic case; the second is the green jade dial. The texture and color of natural jade collided with gold and diamonds to give it a refined elegance. Even today, this watch also makes People are fascinated; the third is the watch’s gold chain strap, which is also the key point to be mentioned here. This chain strap is the earl’s unique gold mesh weaving process, with a silky appearance, decorated with court decoration, but the bottom is The hundred gold components are evenly intertwined. It can be seen that a simple watch has not simple thoughts and craftsmanship.

   For this watch worn by Jacqueline Kennedy, Piaget also gave a modern interpretation. A very similar style was launched in 2014, but with a more modern style. On the one hand, it is the inheritance of craftsmanship, on the other hand, it is design innovation, and the flavor is not diminished. The oval silver timepiece bezel is set with 24 white round diamonds, like a noble and gorgeous crown. The slender white gold case (27 x 22 mm) is equipped with a 56P quartz movement, with a central hour and minute hand.
Elizabeth Taylor and Bvlgari serpenti watch

Movie stills from Cleopatra
   From 1960 to 1963, Elizabeth Taylor has been shooting the movie ‘The Queen of Cleopatra’, which is also a very magnificent film in her life. Perhaps it is the coincidence of this movie that made Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari The snake watch is bound. In Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis, who controls development and reproduction, achieved healing power through the help of snakes. Therefore, the image of snakes represents a special power in Egyptian culture. In this movie, Taylor’s Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, ended his life with a poisonous snake, and a statue of Cleopatra was wound with a poisonous snake.

Elizabeth Taylor wears Bvlgari snake watch

   I don’t know if it is because of this. In 1962, Elizabeth Taylor wore the first gold watch made of Bulgari in the promotional photos for the movie ‘Cleopatra’. Different from Cleopatra, the snake-shaped watch worn by Elizabeth Taylor shows a mysterious and sexy beauty, which is completely different from the basic tone in the movie. This is also the initial relationship between Taylor and serpenti watches. This Bvlgari early serpenti watch, the diamond head with diamond inlay, the snake body is made of gold, and the tail is decorated with a marquise diamond pattern, which perfectly shows the elegant charm of Elizabeth Taylor.

Bvlgari serpenti jewellery

Bvlgari serpenti jewelry watch

    Today, Bulgari’s serpenti watches and jewellery have been interpreted in different styles. Some are modern and simple, some are complicated and luxurious, but no matter what style, they have become the spiritual spirit of modern women.

Precise Timing For Sports-milus Chronograph

Mertix Milus has added four unique members to the brand’s popular Zetios Chronograph at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair The minute-to-second accurate timing function helps you to perform well and constantly push the limits.

The precise timing function of the Milus Zetios Chronograph allows you to experience the time in seconds. The chronograph function of the watch is driven by a Swiss-made precision automatic movement and divided into three On the small dial: the dial for recording seconds is at 3 o’clock, the dial for recording minutes is at 9 o’clock, and the dial for counting hours is at 6 o’clock. The display functions are easy to read, clear and do not overlap. The watch owner who has to fight against every second can grasp all the timing information easily with just one click. In addition, the Zetios Chronograph is equipped with a large calendar display at 12 o’clock on the dial, providing the watch with richer functions.

Milus’s four newly designed Zetios Chronograph chronographs are watchmakers in a ‘sporty fashion’ style. Milus has subtly reinvented the classic style and infused fresh sports elements to create extraordinary and unique designs. The unique linear straight lugs of the Milus Zetios series are in sharp contrast with the round lines on the watch’s case, push-button handles and large calendar display with double windows. The easy-to-operate crown is located in a fine, streamlined protective zone. Among the four new models, the ZETC025 made of stainless steel blends harmony and stability with a white dial and grey silver hour markers. The hour markers that replace the dial numbers have the same cutting angle as the hands on the watch, representing extraordinary technology and elegant texture. On the other hand, ZETC026 has a more prominent contrast and masculine temperament. The dark gray dial is lined with silver indicators, numerals, hands and chronograph frame, making it extremely clear when reading. ZETC027 shows the extreme speed style of motorsport: the checkered pattern of the carbon fiber dial extends to the calfskin strap of the watch, and the red pointer is more reminiscent of the racing instrument pointer. ZETC403 brings together a sporty and stylish style. The carbon fiber dial in the 18K red gold case is set against the hour markers, hour markers and small dial frame. Bold design is sure to appeal to lovers of magnificent, elegant and vibrant mechanical watches.
Milus has re-established the delicate balance between precision and function for the Zetios Chronograph collection, creating four watches that are dynamic, creative and modern in design. All four new watches are made in Switzerland. With a large case of 45 mm in diameter and a transparent caseback, the precision-made, reliable and accurate automatic winding movement is in sight.